What is Halalopathy “Permissible Medicine”:

Halalopathy is a holistic medicine that aims to make the prevention and/or healing of diseases more effective by merging the principles of naturopathy and allopathy. Naturopathy employs various natural means and natural therapies to correct the structural, physiological, and psychological balance. As naturopathy is a holistic treatment, the patients are given recommendations for their diet, exercise, and lifestyle. The allopathic approach focuses on the physical signs and symptoms, the pathological changes and infection caused by microorganisms. The core of allopathy is a chemical drug designed rationally to adjust the speed of biological functions within the cells. Drugs can either speed up or slow down biochemical reactions in the body by binding mainly on a receptor site to either activate (agonists) or block (antagonists) the receptor response and regain a dynamic equilibrium state (Alzeer, 2018).   

Halalopathy or permissible therapy offers a new option to prevent diseases by controlling the entropic state and/or to treat diseases by applying the concept of permissible drugs. A high entropic state leads to internal disorders, while the permissible drug provides a compatible relation between therapeutic medicine and the human lifestyle. The compatibility between drugs and beliefs enhance trust and lower entropy, which are essentials for activating the placebo effect and increasing potential energy, respectively. The placebo effect initiates the healing process, whereby the potential energy provides an important energy source to activate the immune system. These are the favorable circumstances that work cooperatively with the prescribed therapeutic drugs to promote the healing process toward recovery. The healing power of each component will contribute to the overall healing process and enhance the total drug effect.

Production of the permissible drug is achieved by evaluating ingredients and monitoring the production process to be compatible with a certain specific standard, depending on the requirement of the lifestyle or belief of the patient. Halalopathic principles are mainly adapted from Islamic references, but many of them are shared with other religions (Alzeer, 2019). 

The core of halalopathy is to build a compatible system between drug, patient, and mind. Compatibility generates a more integrated and stable system, creates a state of existing together, reduces intolerance, and thus improve the body’s defense system to tolerate the presence of foreign materials, such as drugs, without an immune reaction.

Potential New Therapy prepared designed by Halalopathy and rationalised by Dr. Jawad Alzeer, for more detail watch the following video:
Corona and potential control using Le Chatelier’s Principle

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